Development of public activity in Ukraine

With the beginning of decentralization, people with an active social position began to initiate changes for the better at places of their residence, help those in need and help improve the well-being of children.

But for the most effective use of resources and existing instruments of influence, those who want change and seek to become volunteers and public figures must be trained in social activism.

Support for graduates of Vocational Schools

One of the important areas of work of public figures is to support the initiatives of lyceum graduates and support graduates of vocational schools. These young people need advice and assistance in identifying further plans and guidelines. Some of them are children from single-parent families, orphans, or migrants who have nowhere to return after school. Therefore, after receiving a diploma and professional skills, they face problems finding work and housing. Support at this time is important so that young people are not left alone with problems and do not find themselves in a difficult situation or a bad environment.

Support for those affected by the conflict in eastern Ukraine

Another important area is support for those affected by the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Thousands of families were not only forced to abandon all their property and significantly change their environment, but also gained traumatic experience due to the conflict. All of them need rehabilitation and assistance in establishing everyday life, social ties and in working out fears and problems.

Grant support for the implementation of economic employment

An important tool to support a variety of projects is grants, which provide funding through donor organizations. Grant support for the implementation of economic employment, charitable and other socially useful programs helps to develop areas that lack state or local funding. Mastering all stages from application to development of allocated funds would provide an opportunity for many communities to reach a fundamentally new level of assistance to those who need it.

Work with children, families and communities

Working with children, families and communities is a complicated and complex process that requires not only a desire to help, but also an understanding of the basics of interaction, psychological help and support, establishing contact and understanding of the legal framework.

This is a complex, multifaceted, but very important matter, which is a necessary step in the development of our society. Encouraging as many citizens as possible to take an active part in community life and promoting the social integration of vulnerable children and young people will help improve the quality of life of millions of Ukrainians. Involving young people in community management processes will add new ideas and opportunities for international cooperation, as young people are more open to new projects and more likely to speak foreign languages.

Creating an environment for self-realization of young people and empowering the child is the basis for modern development of the country, because it will contribute to the formation of a conscious society.

Feedback from the participants of the Day of the Future Specialist in Romania

  • "This was a new experience, different from the previous ones, even if I am a mother and even if I organized and conducted professional courses. It was beautiful, exciting, interesting "- Neaxu Liliana, mentor and IT specialist
  • "I really enjoyed taking the baton from the ambassador, it was an incredible experience! During the day I experienced special moments and big problems, especially when I had to greet guests at the reception and then make a speech "- Nicoleta, ambassador for the day
  • "If at first I had a vague idea, I did not give myself time to study, now I know exactly what I want to do, and I know what steps I need to take to succeed" - Antonescu K., student
  • "Takeover Day” allows children to express themselves! Since childhood, I wanted someone to let me take his place at work! I would like the duration of my studies to be even longer! " - Tanya, DJ for the day
  • It was a great day! I was thrilled! I felt great because one of the children I work with decided to be in my place ...he chose a day to prove that education will always come first. And I was happy to pass the baton!" - Magdalena Fichu, school principal.
  • “Takeover Day” is a special day that every child must visit to find out about his purpose. On this day, I had a special moment that brought me great joy: I wrote the first piece of classical music "- Andreea, composer for one day.
  • "As a life experience, this project was perfect because it opened our eyes to new opportunities and alternatives" - Ene R., student
  • "It was a unique experience, a trial in which I took part with great pleasure. I was struck by the girl's first contact with the piano after I improvised on the instrument. That's because I saw an uninformed person playing the piano relaxed, as if it were after half a semester. I tried to put the child in my place, not trying to influence her, but only offered to help her in a successful attempt to write her first piece of music "- Catalin Crete, composer and mentor
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