Takeover Day

The day when young people become who they want to be

Campaign on children's rights

"Takeover Day" is a national event coordinated by the Terre des hommes Foundation, which gives children the opportunity to meet a mentor in the profession they dream of.

“Takeover Day” celebrates the right of all children and young people to participate in society and is held annually on International Children's Day (November 20). The first edition of the campaign, organized by the Terre des hommes Foundation in Romania, took place in 2012 and was inspired by the British model "Take Over Day".

Last year, more than 6,600 children took part in the 8th issue, which was awarded at the Civil Society Gala Concert in autumn 2020 in the categories of educational and youth projects

"I stopped the plane! I stopped it! But not only this! It is big, but when I nodded, it stopped! After that day, I love planes even more. I will fly by planes. Please, let's go again! "

Marius, air traffic controller for one day.



  1. Recognition of the right of children and youth to participate in Romania;
  2. Introduction of a modern educational model implemented at the national level;
  3. Creating an environment in which children and young people can explore their vocation, express themselves and develop their potential;
  4. Promoting the social integration of vulnerable children and youth and respecting their rights. “Takeover Day” values the participation of all children and youth

Appeals of supporters and participants of the “Takeover Day”.

  • "This was a new experience, different from the previous ones, even if I am a mother and even if I organized and conducted professional courses. It was beautiful, exciting, interesting "- Neaxu Liliana, mentor and IT specialist
  • "I really enjoyed taking the baton from the ambassador, it was an incredible experience! During the day I experienced special moments and big problems, especially when I had to greet guests at the reception and then make a speech "- Nicoleta, ambassador for the day
  • "If at first I had a vague idea, I did not give myself time to study, now I know exactly what I want to do, and I know what steps I need to take to succeed" - Antonescu K., student
  • "Takeover Day” allows children to express themselves! Since childhood, I wanted someone to let me take his place at work! I would like the duration of my studies to be even longer! " - Tanya, DJ for the day
  • It was a great day! I was thrilled! I felt great because one of the children I work with decided to be in my place ...he chose a day to prove that education will always come first. And I was happy to pass the baton!" - Magdalena Fichu, school principal.
  • “Takeover Day” is a special day that every child must visit to find out about his purpose. On this day, I had a special moment that brought me great joy: I wrote the first piece of classical music "- Andreea, composer for one day.
  • "As a life experience, this project was perfect because it opened our eyes to new opportunities and alternatives" - Ene R., student
  • "It was a unique experience, a trial in which I took part with great pleasure. I was struck by the girl's first contact with the piano after I improvised on the instrument. That's because I saw an uninformed person playing the piano relaxed, as if it were after half a semester. I tried to put the child in my place, not trying to influence her, but only offered to help her in a successful attempt to write her first piece of music "- Catalin Crete, composer and mentor
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