The right of the child to be heard

The right to choose your own future!

Everyone in society has their rights. These rights are clearly defined and protected at both the national and international levels. Children are also full members of society and have rights that should be respected and protected.

For a long time in our society it was believed that while a small child can not take into account his wishes. But in addition to the fundamental rights of the child, such as the right to life, family, freedom of religion and happy childhood, there is still the right of the child to be heard.

The right to express one's opinion

Society must stop treating children's ideas as meaningless fantasies. After all, perhaps their unconventional approach to solving problems can inspire adults to new discoveries. The opportunity to dream, experiment and make mistakes will eventually lead to real success, because it is dreamers who give humanity amazing inventions and ideas.

Every child in our country has the right to express his/her opinion. Only in this way can we educate free and strong people in them who know how to take responsibility and are sure that their voice is worth something.

Express yourself and develop your potential

All adults indifferent to the future of the country, who are convinced that they have no influence on what is happening around, were also once children. For many years, their opinion was not heard. They were always told what to do and repeated "here you will grow up and you will decide for yourself!," but they were not taught how to solve.

Ukrainian children have limited rights to choose their own future. It is quite difficult to choose a profession for life, when you have just finished the school and there are many roads in front of you. Therefore, parents often decide for their children what specialty they should receive, not taking into account the wishes of young graduates. As a result, almost half of those who received a degree in higher education do not work in their specialty, and of those who do, 65% want to change their profession, express themselves and develop their potential in another field or even another country.

These are not just numbers, because they are behind the lack of staff in some industries, and an excess in others. This is an untapped potential of young people, who are the main driving force of change and innovation. Improving the system of vocational guidance among high school students, conducting excursions to production, and the main interest of young people in choosing areas of study that are strategically important for the state, can create a powerful base of professionals for the development of all industries more harmoniously.

Local initiatives to protect children

Local initiatives to protect children play an equally important role. They allow not only to respond quickly to problems related to the violation of children's rights, but also to provide them with comprehensive support. Every child or young person in the community must be sure that his or her rights are protected.

Safety and protection of children are the main tasks and directions of our state, for its successful development.

Feedback from the participants of the Day of the Future Specialist in Romania

  • "This was a new experience, different from the previous ones, even if I am a mother and even if I organized and conducted professional courses. It was beautiful, exciting, interesting "- Neaxu Liliana, mentor and IT specialist
  • "I really enjoyed taking the baton from the ambassador, it was an incredible experience! During the day I experienced special moments and big problems, especially when I had to greet guests at the reception and then make a speech "- Nicoleta, ambassador for the day
  • "If at first I had a vague idea, I did not give myself time to study, now I know exactly what I want to do, and I know what steps I need to take to succeed" - Antonescu K., student
  • "Takeover Day” allows children to express themselves! Since childhood, I wanted someone to let me take his place at work! I would like the duration of my studies to be even longer! " - Tanya, DJ for the day
  • It was a great day! I was thrilled! I felt great because one of the children I work with decided to be in my place ...he chose a day to prove that education will always come first. And I was happy to pass the baton!" - Magdalena Fichu, school principal.
  • “Takeover Day” is a special day that every child must visit to find out about his purpose. On this day, I had a special moment that brought me great joy: I wrote the first piece of classical music "- Andreea, composer for one day.
  • "As a life experience, this project was perfect because it opened our eyes to new opportunities and alternatives" - Ene R., student
  • "It was a unique experience, a trial in which I took part with great pleasure. I was struck by the girl's first contact with the piano after I improvised on the instrument. That's because I saw an uninformed person playing the piano relaxed, as if it were after half a semester. I tried to put the child in my place, not trying to influence her, but only offered to help her in a successful attempt to write her first piece of music "- Catalin Crete, composer and mentor
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