Take part at the Takeover Day

Children pick up the relay

Are you 16 to 18 years old?

Tell the teacher what kind of work you want to do. Then ask him to arrange a meeting with the mentor you want to have.

Are you over 18?

Choose your own organization or mentor in the "Mentors" section of the site, fill out the participation form and wait for the invitation.

Mentors pass the relay

If you are a well-known professional in your field, most likely, you will be contacted by the organizer (teacher) for an online meeting with children who are interested in your profession.

Coordinators organize the event

Coordinators are teachers, parents or guardians, and all those to whom children can turn with a request to take part in the "Days of the future specialist". If you are approached by children, help them identify the organization or mentor, fill out the registration form and inform them of the status of the application.

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