What happens on “Takeover Day”?

Children and young people
take the baton

"Takeover Day" is addressed to all children and young people aged 16 to 18 years who know who they want to become when they "grow up," and want to create their own future from now on.

To take responsibility, children/young people need to be part of a group created locally and registered with the campaign by a teacher/social worker/NGO leader, etc.

give way

Professionals from various fields of activity become mentors for children and show them how to practice their profession, involving them in their activities and advising them.

The transfer of the baton by the mentors takes place at the agreed period of time by mutual agreement with the child (through the coordinator).

ensure success

Local coordinators are people who form a group of children and young people, help them determine their work, fill out a registration form for the campaign, find suitable mentors and prepare events before transferring the baton.

Thanks to their efforts, “Takeover Day” will be a truly unforgettable event for the young people who are guided.

Accompaniment by parents,
guardians or friends

On the day of passing the baton, each child must have a companion, an adult representing him (parent, guardian, teacher, adult sibling, social worker). During classes, the attendant ensures the safety and well-being of the child.

"What will you do when you grow up?"

"Takeover Day" is the moment when we give children and young people a chance to show us who they want to be. We allow them to choose and pass the baton to them in the professions they like.

“Takeover Day” is an event through which we, the Terre des hommes Foundation, want to draw attention to the rights of children, especially the right to express their own opinion and choose their future. Everyone who participates does it voluntarily, for the sake of children.

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